Fish Buffet FAQ

Fish Buffet FAQ

What is Fish Buffet? What’s going on?

Fish Buffet is a rewards program. It’s a dynamic cashback loyalty scheme where you can play your way up the food chain from Plankton to Shark or VIP level for greater rewards.

When does Fish Buffet launch and when does it end?

Fish Buffet begins on Monday, October 23rd. You’ll be able to opt in and begin earning points immediately once it’s live. Fish Buffet is here to stay as a permanent loyalty program – it’s not going anywhere!

How do I participate in Fish Buffet?

You must opt in to benefit from Fish Buffet. There’s no alternative reward system for not opting in, and you should opt in as quickly as possible so all of your play will be tracked for the purposes of rewards from the start. You can opt in through the GGPoker app – you’ll see the Fish Buffet panel once you’re logged in.

How do I opt in to Fish Buffet?

Opting in to Fish Buffet is simple, and only takes a single button press. You can opt in to Fish Buffet as follows:

1. Select ‘My Bonus’ in the GGPoker app.
2. Select ‘Fish Buffet’.
3. Hit ‘Opt In’.

And that’s it – you’re good to go and all your play will be tracked going forward.

Are there different levels to each tier of Fish Buffet?

Yes. There are 25 levels in total to unlock across the tiers. Each level has different time and FP requirements. Once you’ve achieved the FP milestone, you’ll get a chance to spin the wheel for that level. For instance, you could have reached Crab status, but it’s better to be a Gold Crab than a Brass Crab, and the rewards keep going up with each higher level.

How does the spinning the wheel fit into this? How does it work?

When you complete the requirements for a Fish Buffet level, you’ll get to spin a wheel which determines your prize for completing that level. The spin of the wheel is not entirely random, and the outcome is influenced by a number of factors, including the total reward amounts received in the past. You can see the cash rewards available on the different wheels on the Fish Buffet Page.

Do I have an equal chance of winning each of the prizes list on the wheel?

No, you may not have an equal chance of winning each prize on the wheel; the likelihood of winning each individual prize is influenced by a variety of factors, including the total reward amounts received in the past.

Think of Fish Buffet like a ‘loot box’ reward system, commonly seen in the world of video gaming. You are not always guaranteed to get the highest prize or to have the same likelihood of winning one prize ahead of any other.

Do I have to spin the wheel when the prompt appears?

No. You can choose to spin the wheel at another time that suits you instead. You can spin the wheel at any time from the ‘My Bonus’ section in the GGPoker app, and you’ll have the option whenever you level up to delay it.

What happens if I don’t reach the next level in time?

The amount of time you’ll have to earn the required FP to hit the next level changes depending on the level you’re trying to reach. In Fish Buffet, you move down levels as well as moving up. If you don’t reach the required FP in time, you’ll drop down one level.

How will I know when I’ve reached the next level?

You’ll be visibly informed with a prompt and you’ll have the option to spin the wheel right there and then.

Will I receive a prompt when my active Fish Buffet Points are close to expiring?

Yes, you will receive a prompt in the poker client when you’re close to being demoted.

If I accumulate no Fish Buffet Points in a certain timeframe, Will I be removed from the promotion?

No, you will be demoted the bottom level of Plankton but you’ll still be part of Fish Buffet, and can start earning FP again any time you play.

If I don’t opt in to Fish Buffet, can I benefit from Rakeback?

No. Fish Buffet replaces the flat rakeback scheme, and offers higher cashback percentages at the higher levels than the previous rakeback scheme. In short, there’s no reason not to opt in, so make sure you do so to ensure every game you play is tracked and rewarded.