"It's better to be lucky than good, and remember to never fold T4."



  • Professional poker player since turning 18
  • Won often in 2019 in NLHE, PLO, and H.O.R.S.E
  • A successful full time streamer
  • Enjoying living life his own way on his own terms

Huispaaja is a 30 years old poker player, entrepreneur and full-time streamer from Finland.

In his youth, he had aspirations and was training to become an Olympic sprinter. His vision of dethroning Usain Bolt at the Olympics was unfortunately derailed by injuries resulting in significant surgeries on both legs. Sadly, this ended the dreams and potential Olympic career of 18-year-old Huispaaja.

This devastating blow for the young man who had worked relentlessly toward a single goal, a dream that was on its way to becoming a reality, destroyed in an instant.

While recovering from the surgeries, as he was limited in what he could do physically, he discovered and started reading books on poker and began playing in micro stake multi-table tournaments.

The horrendous injury that removed him from one track put him squarely on a new path. A path which he has continued on ever since.

Huispaaja has been a full-time poker streamer for the last three years. His outspoken personality and gift for entertaining has allowed him to gather a large following of viewers. His determination and love of the game continue to push him to succeed. He says, “I've always been extremely determined to live this life my own way and not go for the traditional eight-to-four job.”

No different than anyone else, as a child, when asked if he wanted to be a doctor or lawyer or teacher (or any other ‘traditional’ job), he would respond that he wanted to become a rockstar. While the music path was not necessarily available to him, he did become a rockstar in his own way.