RotterdaM is a legend in the WarCraft III and StarCraft II scenes. He is eager to continue to share his ongoing journey, now in the world of poker, with the entire GGPoker community.

  • Prominent Starcraft II Caster
  • Former Super MILLION$ Host
  • Passion for Poker began in 2006

Kevin started his esports career as a WarCraft3 professional and is now a well-known StarCraft 2 caster. Rotterdam is no stranger to Poker previously co-hosting the Super MILLION$ commentary with Nanonoko in 2020-2021

The name Rotterdam is a nickname he has used since 2003. It came about form playing a number of 3v3s and 4v4s on the American Warcraft 3 servers with some Dutch players. "They all created new accounts based on the city where they lived. One was called 'Amsterdam', the other 'TheHague' and I called myself 'Rotterdam', because Rotterdam is my birthplace. I actually didn't live in Rotterdam but in Hoogvliet, but Rotterdam still sounds better!"

"This nickname became permanent after I got really good stats in 1v1 with this account. It wasn't much, but for me this was my first success in Warcraft 3. That is why I finally chose RotterdaM08. I was born on May 8 and Feyenoord was founded in 1908. Number 8 is also my lucky number!"

"In 2006 there was a trend where many Warcraft 3 pros started playing poker, and they did really well. 'Elky and Lex Veldhuis are the most famous examples of StarCraft Broodwar players who have taken up poker professionally. In addition, many of my Warcraft 3 friends did well at poker. I thought: 'Then I will do the same'."