"Life is universally fair. It obeys the brave. It doesn't matter where you start. Believe in yourself, remain a worthy person and everything will be fine!"



  • Won $525 Bounty Hunters back-to-back on stream
  • $1.3M in high stakes cash hands in one year
  • Went from $0 to $5,000NL cash games twice

Born in 1983 in Odesa, Ukraine, BigGoGi has two degrees, one in Economics and the other in Organizational Management. He is currently happily married and a father to two wonderful daughters.

As a child, he appeared in several dozen episodes of the Ukrainian comedy series "Masks-Show" which was a very popular show at the time. In 2004, he returned to working at "Mask-Show", but this time as an international distribution manager. While there, he was introduced to Texas Hold'em. He tried playing online and soon found success.

In 2007, he left the entertainment world and started playing poker professionally. He also started blogging, an activity which he still continues to do. He is now an active content creator with channels on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and Telegram.

He started streaming poker during the summer of 2020. His childhood acting experience allowed him to transform into a vibrant streaming personality, happily interacting with his audience. This outlet allows him to continue to showcase his creative nature and potential.

BigGoGi, in addition to his poker streams, began commentating on tournament final tables. Unfortunately, in February 2022, due to the start of the war in Ukraine, he stopped commenting on platforms related to Russian poker and focused on building the Ukrainian gaming community, which supported his values.

After the first two months of the war, he returned to his streaming activities and participated in creating game content on the official GGPoker UA YouTube channel.