Omaha Poker Straddle Explained

At GGPoker we aim to add more thrills, twists and turns to our already exciting poker games, and our Omaha Poker Straddle feature is one more way we’re making online poker more fun than ever.

Traditionally, the Straddle bet is made by the player immediately to the left of the big blind. It’s usually double the big blind, and it’s made before the hole cards are dealt. So basically, it’s a blind raise made before the players get their cards.

Omaha Poker Straddle

At GGPoker, we do things a bit differently. Using our Straddle function, you can post a straddle bet from any position on the table before the hole cards are dealt. Once it’s announced, your opponents are given a limited amount of time to post another straddle bet or go all-in (this is called the “No-Look All-In”). Games with frequent straddle bets are particularly thrilling, as the pot size tends to be bigger than usual. The bigger pots lead to increased tension, making the straddle bet one of the most exciting features in online poker.

Posting a straddle bet is a great way to up-the-ante. Players are often reluctant to fold cards when they’ve committed chips to the pot, so the pots can get very big very fast! It’s thrilling features like our Omaha Poker straddle that make GGPoker the best place to play online poker, with exciting games and tournaments taking place daily.

To experience the thrill for yourself, all you need to do is download our free poker app and follow the instructions to setup your account. You’re just moments away from the most thrilling online poker experience available.