Poker School from GGPoker

Become an expert or just learn more about your favorite game in the GGPoker Poker School.

Now that you have the poker basics down, how do you become a better player? Well school isn’t always a fun place to be, but our Poker School can help you become a better player; the more you know about poker, the more fun you’ll have at the tables. Learn the basics of poker in our online school, including the rules of poker, some tips and tricks, and even some poker lingo so you’ll sound like you know what you’re doing, even if you’re still a novice!

Poker Rules

Everyone has to start somewhere! GGPoker’s poker school for beginners starts at the very beginning, with the basic etiquette and rules used at the poker table. Check out the ins and outs of poker and be ready the next time you take a seat at our tables. Find out more.

Poker Tips

Once you know the basics, you’ll quickly realise that there’s a whole lot more to the the online poker world. At GGPoker we’ve some tips and tricks to help you continue your poker journey. Find out more. Find out more.


Whether you crunch the numbers or play by feel, statistics are an undeniable part of poker. When you know the likelihood of certain hands or cards being dealt, your ability to plan ahead will greatly improve. Find out more.

Poker Terms

‘So I was up against a nit that open limped rags at least once per orbit, it was crazy!’ If any that was confusing, it may be time to brush up on your Poker Terms. GGPoker has an extensive list of poker lingo terms to help put you at ease at the poker table. Find out more.

Once you have the basics down, join GGPoker to play your part in the most thrilling online poker games available. Just download the free desktop and mobile poker app, follow the instructions and signup for your free account to get started today.