Poker Hands In Order

Texas Holdem Poker Hands In Order

When you start playing poker, one of the first things you need to know is what poker hand beats what. At GGPoker, our poker hand rankings sheet will easily let you see the most common poker hands in order of strength. Just click the image above and you’ll get a handy poker hands ranking PDF you can download and take with you.

Below, we’ll put the poker hands in order from the worst to the best and show you the probability and odds of being dealt that hand. Using this information you should get a better idea if you’re holding the winning hand.

Poker Hand (1 = Worst / 10 = Best
Poker Hands In Order Description
1. High Card The “High Card” hand has five unpaired cards and doesn’t make a flush or a straight, with the highest card being the best value. For example, a “Ace-High” hand would beat a “King-High” hand. Poker Hand Rankings What Beats What - High Card Hand Explained 50.1177% 0.995 : 1
2. One Pair “One Pair” refers to two cards of the same rank (e.g. 5♥, 5♦) in your five-card hand, with the remaining three cards unpaired. Poker One Pair Hand Explained 42.2569% 1.37 : 1
3. Two Pair “Two Pair” refers to two cards of the same rank along with another two cards of the same rank (e.g. 7♦, 7♠, J♠, J♥) in your five-card hand. Poker Two Pair Hand Explained 4.753.9% 20.0 : 1
4. Three-Of-A-Kind (also known as Trips or a Set) “Three-Of-A-Kind” means three cards of the same rank together in a hand of five, with the remaining two cards unpaired (e.g. A♥, A♦, A♣). Poker Three Of A Kind Hand Explained 2.1128% 46.3 : 1
5. Straight A “Straight” is five cards which are not all the same suit in a consecutive order (e.g. 4♥, 5♠, 6♣, 7♦, 8♦). If two opponents have a straight in the same hand, the straight with the highest-ranking card will win. So a Q-high straight would beat a J-high straight. Poker Straight Hand Explained 0.3925% 254 : 1
6. Flush A “Flush” is when the five cards you hold all come from the same suit (e.g. 3♠, 7♠, 9♠, J♠, K♠). If two players have a Flush, the one with the highest-ranking card will win, so an Ace-high Flush will beat a King-high Flush. Poker Flush Hand Explained 0.1965% 508 : 1
7. Full House A “Full House” is when you have 3 cards of the same rank (Three-Of-A-Kind) along with 2 cards of the same rank (One Pair) (e.g. 8♥8♦K♦, K♣, K♠). Poker Full House Hand Explained 0.1441% 693 : 1
8. Four-Of-A-Kind (also known as Quads) Similar to Three-Of-A-Kind, but with a “Four-Of-A-Kind” hand you have all four cards of the same rank (e.g. 7♥, 7♦, 7♣, 7♠). Poker 4 Of A Kind Hand Explained 0.0240% 4,164 : 1
9. Straight Flush A “Straight Flush” is a combination of a Flush and a Straight, with all five cards in consecutive order and from the same suit (e.g. 4♥, 5♥, 6♥, 7♥, 8♥). Poker Straight Flush Hand Explained 0.00139% 72,192 : 1
10. Royal Flush The “Royal Flush” is the exact same as a Straight Flush, but goes from the 10 to the A, so it’s the highest possible straight flush (e.g. 10♣, J♣, Q♣, K♣, A♣). Following the standard rules it’s the best possible hand you can have in online poker. Poker Royal Flush Hand Explained 0.000154% 649,739 : 1