Texas Hold’em Shout Out Feature

Shout-out your Out cards!

At GGPoker, we’re all about making online poker more fun than ever. To make your Texas Hold’em online experience even more enjoyable, we’ve added some unique features you won’t find anywhere else. Like our Texas Hold’em Shout Out function, which allows you to loudly declare to your opponents the cards you need to win the pot.

GGPoker Texas Hold'em Shout Out Option

Your Out cards will be displayed


When you choose the Shout Out function, the cards you need to win will be prominently displayed beside your hole cards while the hand is live. It’s designed to add more tension as you and your opponents play for the big pots, with the winning cards awaiting your shout out! Download the free GGPoker App today and start using the Texas Hold’em Shout Out function today.

Texas Hold'em Shout Out Feature

Opponents’ Out cards will be displayed.