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Fish Buffet is on its way!

Fish Buffet Rewards Program

Play your way up the food chain for greater rewards

We’re delighted to unveil our upcoming loyalty program, Fish Buffet.

Arriving in late October, Fish Buffet is a cashback rewards program. The ocean is abundant with life. The food chain begins with tiny plankton and runs all the way up to Sharks. Just like the ocean, Fish Buffet introduces a ladder system where you’ll unlock greater rewards as you play your way up the food chain from plankton to shark with 25 levels in total.

Fish Buffet has been designed to be more engaging and responsive than any other rewards program in the online poker space. Once Fish Buffet launches, you’ll be able to opt-in through the poker app. The moment you’ve opted in, all your play in real money games will earn you Fish Buffet Points (FP) at a rate of 1 FP for every $0.01 generated in rake or fees.

All the details for Fish Buffet will be published next week, but for the moment, here’s a quick overview of what you can expect:

  • Fish Buffet is a dynamic cashback program where the percentage of cashback increases the more you play
  • Fish Buffet replaces the current flat Rakeback rewards scheme
  • You must opt-in to Fish Buffet, and can do so from the moment it’s active. Once opted-in, all play will count towards generating FP. If you do not opt in, your play will not be tracked for the purposes of rewards
  • One Fish Buffet Point (FP) is earned for every $0.01 generated in rake/fees
  • Fish Buffet consists of 25 different levels, each with different play and time requirements
  • Each time a new level is reached, you will get to spin the wheel to determine the size of the cash reward you’ll receive. The value of the amounts on the wheel rises with each Fish Buffet level

Play your way up the food chain for Greater Rewards in Fish Buffet at GGPoker

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