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November 21, 2017
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November 27, 2017
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Mobile better than ever

Enjoy the same great experience on the go.

I would walk 500 miles… and still be able to play on GGPoker! Mobile devices are quickly overtaking desktop computers as the primary device used to connect. The modern user requires their action on the go and at the single click of a button. We’re constantly trying to innovate and ensure our players, who are no doubt all ultra-cool social media influencers and tech-savvy to boot, get the best experience possible.

You can use the GGPoker mobile app anywhere and everywhere. Play while on your morning commute and stack while on the tracks!

Another thing to note is that there’s nothing you can do that requires more than one hand. Effortlessly raise, fold or switch between four unique tables simultaneously with a flick of your finger.

First, we optimized the home and navigation features for increased usability. The design of icons on the home menu is refined with distinctive colours and shapes to be more intuitive. A full navigation menu will pop-up with a single tap, conveniently located on the bottom right of the screen.

More options have also been added to the settings menu. Players can now select individual sound effects or customize the front deck of their cards – I’ll take BBC Sound Effects Volume 4 for $500, Alex.

Witness the innovation and enjoy your games on-the-go like a true champ!

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