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November 17, 2017
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November 27, 2017
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Multi-table on mobile

Multi-table now available for mobile.

Multi-table up to four tables of any kind simultaneously using the GGPoker mobile app. Adding or switching tables is now easier than ever and can be performed with only one fingertip. These brand-new features reveal a sophisticated mobile application, designed with the modern user in mind. There’s no action that can’t be completed using only one hand so experience GGPoker anywhere, anytime.

To multi-table:

  1. tap any place on the screen and swipe downwards
  2. ‘Multi-Table Bar’ will appear on the top. The colour of the table will indicate the specific game type. Clicking on the table will allow you to ‘exit table’ and ‘sit out’. Selecting the “+” symbol will instantly load another table of the same kind.
  3. swiping sideways will display the tables that the player is seated

Don’t leave the house without GGPoker in your pocket.



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