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October 27, 2017
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New Online Poker Promotions and Updates in November

Here’s a look at what’s been introduced and improved as part of the 30/10/17 Release. There’s some exciting new additions alongside some great quality of life improvements. Check them out below:


Fish Buffet

New Online Poker Promotions This November

Fish Buffet is finally here! Fish Buffet is a total overhaul of the reward experience, gamifying and rewarding loyalty with up to 100% cashback. Check out all the info on our dedicated page.

Straddle King

Straddle King Online Poker Promotions This November

Straddle your way up the leaderboard and claim your share of $10,000. For the full month of October, there’s a race that will reward the top 100 winners who have accumulated the most straddle bets. Stay tuned for all the info in the coming days!

Player Notes Enhancements

Organizing player notes is now easier than ever with the enhanced list view. Players can simply mouse over fellow players’ avatars and the information will be displayed in one tooltip right away. On mobile, a simple tap is enough to make a note.

Time to Act

Time given to a player at a table is now configured to reflect the pot size and the player’s investment in the pot.

Tournament Disconnection Extra Time (DET)

DET given during tournaments will commence when all remaining players are in the money. Tournament players will no longer miss out on an opportunity to maximize their winnings.

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