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September 4, 2017
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GGPoker updates – September 4th – Straddle and Re-entry tournaments

We’re perfecting poker.

Hi all,

Just a quick note on some network changes from the September 4th update pertaining to GGPoker games.

Straddle – a new twist.

Experienced players will know that the Straddle in poker involves a player putting in twice the big blind before the cards are dealt, and not what you sit on while horse riding. It’s essentially a voluntary blind bet and raise typically made by the player to the left of the big blind.

GGNetwork is excited and proud to be introducing the world’s first straddle variation. Foregoing the classic turn-based system, GGNetwork’s straddle variation will allow any player to post a straddle bet regardless of table position, and allow any player to post a straddle bet before the hole cards are dealt.

After the first straddle bet is posted, a timer will begin to count down waiting for anyone to straddle next. To top that all off, to make it even more exciting, after the first straddle bet is posted, players are given the choice to either straddle or go all-in. This is called a ‘No-Look All-in’.

The thrills don’t stop coming and the excitement never ends as we constantly strive to perfect the perfect game.

Re-Entry Tournaments

If you’re a long-time tournament veteran, you’ll likely be quite familiar with the most common types; the freezeout and the re-buy. Talk abounds from poker players that the re-buy format stacked the game against amateur players as professionals could continually re-buy with their larger stacks. Finally out of the mist the re-entry tournament arrives, allowing players to re-enter the tournament while simultaneously increasing the prize pool.

GGNetwork is excited to be introducing re-entry tournaments with our September 4th update. In this format, players who lose all their chips will immediately be shown a re-entry prompt. If you hit no on this it’s not your last chance, players will still be able to re-enter from the lobby during the late registration period.

In a rebuy format, players keep their seat once their chips are gone but in a re-entry format, players leave the table. There’s no guarantee that you will always be re-entered at the same table you were eliminated from. Each entry is considered a new registration to the tournament.

Some tournaments will have a limit on the amount of times a player can re-enter and this lobby will be shown in the lobby. This number can vary from tournament to tournament. The number of times a player has re-entered in a given tournament will be displayed beside their name in the client.

Staking is also affected. If you buy a piece of player A’s action, the action is limited only to that player’s first entry.

So that’s about all for our September 4th update.



Mike D

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