Online Poker Bonus & Features

Poker Bonus For New Members at GGPoker

When you join GGPoker you’ll find the most thrilling and fun poker games, and we also offer the best poker bonus for new members. We’ve a host of unique games and features,  exclusive to GGPoker to entertain you on your online poker journey. You can see our selection of online poker bonuses and features below. Just download our online poker app to avail of our superb promotions.

200% First Deposit Poker Bonus For New Members

200% First Deposit Bonus:

To get your poker career off to the perfect start, you’ll get an instant sign up bonus worth 200% of your first 3 deposits, up to $500. So, you’ll get a poker bonus for new members worth up to $1,000 which you can unlock as you play. You’ll get a full 90 days to unlock your bonus, released in $10 increments at any game you play.

To claim your 200% first deposit bonus, just follow the steps below:

  • Download the GGPoker Online Poker App
  • Create your User ID & Password to sign-up
  • Make your first deposit with the cashier
  • Your first 3 deposits up to $500 will automatically be credited with a 200% bonus
  • Start playing poker online with GGPoker to unlock your bonus

To check your bonus balance, select the “Cashier” icon and you’ll see all the information on your bonuses and balance. You can find out more about the 200% First Deposit on our promotion page.

35% Poker Rackback

35% Poker Rakeback Bonus

How does getting 35% of your chips back with absolutely no strings attached sound? At GGPoker, every Monday you’ll be paid 35% of any rake or fees you’ve generated at the tables with no catch; the more you rake, the more you make.

All of your play will count towards your weekly rakeback, so whether you prefer to play poker tournaments, cash games or any of our unique games like All-In or Fold, you’ll be entitled to your rakeback.

To keep everything in order, your rakeback week runs from 00:01 UTC on Monday through 23:59 UTC the following Sunday. Once your rakeback has been added it’ll automatically be added to your cash balance, so there’s nothing else you have to do. Just sit back and enjoy our poker games, safe in the knowledge that 35% of your chips will be coming back to you.

All-in Poker Insurance


All-In Poker Insurance

Online poker should be all about fun, and nothing hurts more than when you’re way ahead and suddenly you’re outdrawn, and that bad-beat feeling takes over. So at GGPoker, we’ve added our All-In Insurance feature. If you’ve a 65% or better chance of winning the hand, you’ll get the chance to use our All-In Insurance feature.

Once activated, a clear display showing the cost of the insurance will pop-up, as well as the amount you’ll receive if you’re outdrawn. You’ll then have 10 seconds to accept or decline the insurance. Try it next time you’re way ahead and save yourself the heartache of a bad beat.

Omaha & Texas Holdem Run-It-Three-Times

Run It Three Times

Love the thrill of going all-in? Well we’ve tripled it at GGPoker. If both players agree, you can choose to run the board three times, creating three different outcomes with three different pots. Run It Three Times is designed to reduce the variance for players at the table, keeping you in the game longer while still experiencing the thrill of going all in.

Online Poker Straddle


Traditionally, a Straddle is a “third blind” made by the first player to act pre-flop. But at GGPoker we do things a little different. Our unique Straddle option lets you use the Straddle function regardless of the position you’re sitting in. And for an even bigger thrill, we’ve also added a “No-Look All-In” function, letting you go all-in even before you’ve seen your hole cards.

Poker Card Shout Out

Shout Out

Shout Out your Outs! For a little added fun, you can shout out which cards you need to win the hand and they’ll be displayed accordingly. Your outs are shown beside your live cards, so you can add to the tension as the cards are dealt.

Online Poker Rabbit Hunt

Rabbit Hunt

Are you ever excited to see if you’ll hit your flush on the river, only for your opponent to fold so you’ll never know? Well, Rabbit Hunt shows what might have been. You can use the Rabbit Hunt feature and expose what was due to be dealt, so you’ll never be left wondering again.

Online Poker Show Cards After

Show Cards

For a little more excitement, GGPoker gives you the option to show your cards once the hand has ended. So now you can brag if your bluff has worked or if you want to show you had a legitimate hand after uncalled bets. It adds a bit more reality to the game, increasing the psychological and social elements of online poker.

Online Poker Easy Table Move

Floor Manager & Move Table

When you want to move poker table, you can easily use the Floor Manager function to switch to a different table. Just hit the “Move Table” feature and you’ll be put on a waiting list for the next table. This will help you find your ideal poker table much quicker, ensuring you enjoy your poker game.


At GGPoker we’re putting the fun back into online poker. With 200% deposit poker bonus for new members and huge rakeback, we want to give you the thrilling experience you’ve been missing online. Download our free poker app and you can get playing on the go. It only takes a few minutes, with mobile optimised games making it even simpler to play multiple tables and manage your games. Download the app today and enjoy the best poker games online.