Tournament Dollars (T$)

We’re putting the choice back into your hands with Tournament Dollars at GGPoker.

We know there’s nothing more frustrating for players who make it to the final table and getting prize tickets for a tournament type you have no interest in. With the introduction of tournament dollars (T$), these worries are a thing of the past.

T$ will put the choice back into your hands, allowing you to enter any tournament you like. Think of these tournament dollars as a one-for-all voucher. You can use T$ for staking or Fortune Spin. You can even use a combination of T$ and cash to cover your entry.

What are Tournament Dollars (T$)?

Tournament Dollars are a new flexible currency at GGPoker.

How do T$ work?

T$ can be used as an alternate means of payment for entry into any tournament or Fortune Spin game at GGPoker. You can select to pay in T$ or cash when registering for any event.

Tournament Dollar Builder Tournament

Build your stack of tournament dollars by playing our new online poker tournament format, T$ Builder. These tournaments will run every 30 minutes daily and is available at $1, $2, $4 and $8 buy-in amounts. There’s no extra fees so 100% of the buy-in will go into the prize pool. The minimum player requirement is 2 so you’ll never be stuck waiting around.

Where can I check my T$ Balance?

Your total T$ amount can be accessed through the poker client by selecting Account > Balance Status. The figure will also be shown in the buy-in windows when you register for tournaments.

What is the value of Tournament Dollars (T$)?

One Tournament Dollar (T$) is equivalent to the cash amount of $1.

Please note T$ cannot be used in cash games, cashed-out, or transferred to other players.

T$ – Your Online Poker Tournament Currency