FLIP is a female poker community to discuss, plan and celebrate all things women in poker. With an intention to build the best online ladies poker community. They're passionate about encouraging more women into live arena!

  • World’s foremost female-focused poker community
  • Fosters a welcoming and inclusive community
  • Advocates for equal representation in poker.

FLIP (Fantastic Ladies in Poker) is the world's foremost female-focused poker player community. Founded in 2012, the organization aims to provide support and encouragement to women in the poker industry, and to promote gender diversity in the game.

The organization hosts events and tournaments, such as the annual FLIP Women's Championship, as well as providing educational resources and networking opportunities for its members.

The events provide a platform for women to showcase their skills and connect with other female poker players.

FLIP is dedicated to promoting women in poker and fostering a welcoming and inclusive community. The organization also works to raise awareness of the importance of diversity in the game and advocates for equal representation in the poker industry.

With a growing community of members and a passion for their mission, FLIP is making a significant impact in the world of poker.