Kazuki Ikeuchi

"Poker has brought many new experiences and drama into my life—new travel and new friends; big games and big challenges. It is a great hobby. It has changed my life. Maybe it can change yours too"



  • 2nd in WSOP $1,000 NLH Tag Team 2018
  • 2nd in WSOP $1,500 Millionaire Maker 2019
  • 2nd in WSOP $500 NLH The Closer Online 2021
  • Won WSOP $1,000 Online NLH Championship 2021

Kazuki Ikeuchi is a professional poker player from Japan who has made a name for himself in the world of poker. Known as the "Japanese Hero," Ikeuchi has been making waves in the world of poker both online and live.

Ikeuchi has always had a dream of winning a coveted World Series of Poker (WSOP) Bracelet and he came close on three separate occasions. He has finished as the runner-up in a few WSOP events. His first second place finish was in 2018 when he finished second in the WSOP $1,000 NLH Tag Team. The next time was in 2019 at the WSOP $1,500 Millionaire Maker event. His third ‘close call’ happened in the WSOP Online at GGPoker in 2021 when he was the runner up in the WSOP $500 NLH 'The Closer Online' tournament.

Despite these near misses, Ikeuchi refused to give up. His perseverance was finally awarded when he achieved his goal and snatched his crowning achievement in late 2021. He had finally won his very own WSOP Bracelet. This historic victory made him a true hero in the eyes of many poker fans in Japan, cementing his status as the top poker player in Japan and showing that with hard work and determination, your poker dreams can become a reality.

In addition to his poker accomplishments, Ikeuchi has made a name for himself as a poker educator. He has supervised Phil Gordon's Poker Strategy and was an instructor at Ed Miller's Poker School. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Ikeuchi is well-respected in the poker community and continues to inspire and educate new players.

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