Lad Park

"Stop whining, start grinding"



  • 2022 Poker Gods War winner
  • 2021 WCOP (World Class of Poker) winner
  • 2017 PS Winter Series $2,100 Event winner

Hyun-gyu Park, better known as Lad Park, become a full-time poker player in 2013. He's most well-known for his victory in the third season of Poker Gods War: Ragnarok, and has earned the nicknamed ""Flipmaster"" for his luck in coin-flip battles.

Lad has been very open about his progression as a poker player. Sharing his knowledge on social media and helping other players to grow has resonated with his audience as they realize how much hard work and study it took to get to where he is today. In terms of his approach to poker, he has said that he doesn't blame himself for bad situations but only thinks about ways to improve. It's clear that he truly loves the game and takes it seriously.

Lad was the live commentator for the Ace Poker League (APL) in 2023 and was praised for his professional commentary, which included clear, intuitive explanations and analysis from multiple angles. While his fans were disappointed that he didn't compete, his commentary skills were on par with the world's best and gave viewers another reason to enjoy the tournament.

Lad is also very active in the online poker scene, and 2ACE players can often encounter him during high-level play.