"Give me the money!"



  • Regular player on Spin&Gold
  • Winner of the prestigious poker tournament in Namur, Belgium
  • Winner of the PlayGG Poker Open

Stero, also known as Răzvan, is a passionate poker player and a born adventurer. After living for a while in Cluj, where he launched into the online world, he moved to the vibrant Bucharest, where he lives with his partner Ana and a small family of pets: Pulea the turtle, and two cats, Benji and Asia.

In his free time, Stero loves to dedicate himself to his exciting hobbies. Traveling is an endless source of inspiration and adventure for him, always bringing new perspectives and memorable experiences. Additionally, Stero is a master in the kitchen and loves to experiment with new recipes, indulging his taste buds with delicious dishes.

However, one of his greatest passions is poker. Stero is a player with a strategic vision and the ability to read his opponents, which has brought him notable victories. Among these, he is distinguished by two exceptional wins: one at the prestigious poker tournament in Namur, Belgium, and another at the PlayGG Poker Open competition.

Currently, Stero is the face of the new project Stero House, a place where exciting competitions with vibrant prizes, amusing challenges, and VIP guests from the world of poker take place. Each week brings unique experiences, and you can watch everything in real time on his YouTube channel, being a real-time witness to the exciting moments at the poker table.