Spin & Gold ELO

Presents WANT TO KNOW HOW GOOD YOU REALLY ARE? Introducing the Brand New Spin & Gold ELO Ranking System What is it? An ELO rating system is a way to rank players based purely on skill and win-rate, rather than on the size of their bankroll or budget! There are 7 rating tiers you can […]


Wanna Trash’em? Splash’em! What are Splashes Did you lose a big suck out? Are you tilting hard? Express your emotions by using a new items and show the table how you’re feeling! Throw an egg to show your displeasure after a particularly rough hand, or toss a bucket of water on the guy running hot […]

EV Cashout

Say good-bye to WHAP, TILT, BAD BEAT emotes! No more face-palming, just remember that EV Cashout has your back! “Deuces never loses” has given all of us all a good laugh at some point, but if you’re the one holding the aces now that ain’t funny. It’s more like a rage-quit moment. Well, no longer […]

NFT Avatars

INTRODUCING NFT AVATARS Connect your Crypto Wallet to Verify ownership display your nft as your poker avatar What is an NFT Avatar? NFTs (short for Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital items that you own. Proof of ownership is stored on a blockchain, a digital database that is publicly accessible. NFT profile pictures are displayed in a […]