Bounty Jackpot



Participation is simple! YEE-HAAAW!

Play in any

bounty game

Knock out

other players

Any bounty

could win

Hit the


You Could WIN THE

Mega Bounty

Win up to $1,000,000 with the Mega Bounty Jackpot!

So are you ready to hunt for bounties?

What is Bounty Jackpot?

Bounty Jackpot is the newest biggest Jackpot on GGPoker. Every time you collect a bounty you also have a chance at the jackpot!

What games are included?​

Bounty Jackpot is available in all of our regularly scheduled progressive Bounty Tournaments.

How do I check if there is a Bounty Jackpot?

Find your favorite Bounty Tournament in your GGPoker Client and check to see if it has a Bounty Jackpot in the Tournament Information!

Winning a Bounty Jackpot

What are my chances to win the Jackpot?

Each time you knock out a player you have a 1 in 1,000 chance to win a share of the Bounty Jackpot. You could even win a MEGA BOUNTY

How much could I win?

Each Bounty Jackpot’s size will be determined based on a random chance combined with the tournament or game buy-in level.

Why is the Jackpot poster glowing?

If the Bounty Jackpot poster starts to glow, well partner, by golly it means you’ve gone and roped yourself a big ol’ bounty! Yee-haw!

you can Win a MEGA BOUNTY!

What is a MEGA BOUNTY?

Each Bounty Jackpot has a chance to be a Mega Bounty. Mega Bounties are the biggest jackpot prizes! Shucks, you could be the next GGPoker Millionaire!

Hunt for the MASSIVE Jackpot!

The MEGA BOUNTY JACKPOT is hidden among the Bounties! Mega Jackpots of $10,000, $100,000 or even $1,000,000 are out there! 

Additional Information

How can I check my Jackpot history?

You’ll be able to see your Jackpot winnings in your Pokercraft hand history, as well as in your Balance History!

Are there Jackpot rankings?

You will be able to see the largest 20 Bounty Jackpot Winners from the previous week by clicking on the Bounty Jackpot information in the Tournament window. Will you be on top of the Rankings?

Where does the Jackpot come from?

Buy-ins will include a fixed jackpot fee that contributes to the jackpot pool.
Click here to see Jackpot Bounty Probability tables

Now you've got to ask yourself one question
Do you feel lucky?

Promotional Details and Limitations
  • Some tournaments may be excluded due to various circumstances. Please check the Tournament lobby for up-to-date information on participating tournaments.

Terms & Conditions
  • Players must be aged 18+, 19+, 21+, or 24+ depending on jurisdiction, to participate.
  • Please note that any prize pools or guarantees are subject to change and some amounts listed on this website may not be current. Please check the guarantee amounts listed in the game client for the most up-to-date information.
  • We reserve the right to modify or suspend any promotion, tournament, or game feature at any time.
  • If any players fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity, we have the right to investigate and remove the players if confirmed.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to the site terms and conditions, which can be found in the game client.
Standard rules apply.
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