Kevin Martin
(Content Ambassador)

"I love being a GGPoker Ambassador. Poker is at such an exciting point right now and GGPoker is leading the way. I just want to see the game grow and make the best poker content possible!"



  • Big Brother Canada Winner
  • 5 Canadian Poker Event titles
  • Top Poker Streamer & Content Creator

Kevin Martin is a professional poker player and streamer from a small town in northern Alberta, Canada. After playing his first poker hand in 2014, he knew that the poker world was where he wanted to be, and he quickly immersed himself in poker strategy books, quitting his radio DJ job to pursue the game full-time.

In the early days, Martin could be found grinding it out in small cash games in Canadian casinos, but after successfully building a bankroll, he decided to pursue online tournaments.

From the very first MTT he played, he turned on his cameras and live-streamed his journey to the world. Martin's community has always appreciated his authenticity as he has shown the joy of $100k+ upswings and the pain of $100k downswings. He has transformed from a losing micro-stakes player to playing some of the highest-stakes games on the internet.

Martin's passion for reality TV led him to compete in Big Brother Canada twice, with a 9th place finish in his first appearance and a win in his second. He also met his wife while competing on Big Brother Canada and married in the Autumn of 2021. Aside from poker, Martin is also a big fan of multiplayer games, particularly Mario Party.

Overall, Kevin Martin is a highly entertaining poker personality who has made a significant impact on the game and the poker community. He is known for his dedication to entertaining his audience while competing in high-stakes games. He is now one of the world's biggest poker content creators and pushes the envelope on what poker content looks like in 2023.