Tony Lin

No Gamble, No Future. Just do it!



  • 2023 PokerGo USPO $10K NLH -#2 Champ
  • 2023 PokerGo USPO $25K NLH – #9 2nd
  • 2021 WSOP #85 $50K NLH – HR 2nd.

Tony Lin, hailing from China, has established himself as a well-known high-roller player in the poker community. His journey into the world of poker started in 2015, and since then his passion for poker has grown. With each step, he diligently honed his skills, becoming a force to be reckoned with.

In his early days, Tony was often found in poker club events, grinding away to improve. Fast forward, and he has transformed into a renowned high-roller representing China internationally.

Throughout his poker jounrey, Tony has shown a commitment to competing in a wide array of tournaments, showcasing his skill in both offline and online arenas. Among his noteworthy achievements, the GGMillion$ series stands out, where he accumulated numerous victories and secured coveted spots at final tables. Yet, beneath the veneer of success, Tony's ultimate aspiration remains constant: to clinch the title.

Beyond his personal successes, Tony has a genuine willingness to share his knowledge and experiences with fellow players. His approachable demeanor and warm-hearted disposition have endeared him to countless admirers, amassing a devoted following within China's poker community.

In recent years, Tony's exceptional accomplishments have garnered him significant attention, particularly through standout performances in high-profile events like PokerGo and the WSOP series. He has consistently demonstrated his mettle by triumphing over a multitude of seasoned poker professionals, a testament to his dedication and expertise that have solidified his stature in the poker world.

Notably, his crowning achievements include his triumph at the PokerGo Tour - 2023 US Poker Open #2 10K NLH championship, a remarkable feat that underscores his mastery. Furthermore, his monumental victory as the top contender in the GPI 2023 POY in March 2023 has etched his name into the annals of poker history. Capturing his philosophy, No Gamble, No Future!