"Admitting defeat is just a few words, but I never say it easily."



  • HyperX China women’s team leader
  • DOTA2 official streaming commentator
  • 2020 Triton jeju streaming commentator

Xiaoyuanlian, is a well-known DOTA2 commentator, professional poker player and the leader of the HyperX China Women's team.

She is known for her charming appearance and comes from the first generation of female DOTA2 commentators. Her streaming and live fanbase is one of the largest in the community and she is considered one of the top commentators across the entire DOTA2 gaming scene.

Xiaoyuanlian has been part of the gaming industry for over a decade. During this time she has witnessed significant changes and leaps of evolution within the industry. Through her work, whether as a commentator or inside her personal studio, she has been able to establish herself as a respected figure throughout the gaming world. Making the switch to professional poker player, she has been able to develop new skills and gained amazing new experiences that have helped her to grow and evolve as a person.

In 2020, Xiaoyuanlian expanded her commentating career to include poker when she started commentating on the Triton Jeju stream. This opportunity allowed her to bring her previous gaming commentary expertise and insight to a new audience. It also allowed her to further develop her skills as part of this new challenge.

Overall, Xiaoyuanlian is a talented and experienced individual who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the gaming industry as a whole. Her passion for the industry and her ability to adapt to new challenges make her an excellent role model for both aspiring gaming commentators and professional poker players.