"You've gotta spend money to make money!"



  • 7 years as a professional poker streamer
  • Has the most total hours streamed in Twitch Poker
  • $62,000 in the $525 Bounty Hunters HR Main Event

All In Pav, also known as Hristivoje Pavlovic, is a dedicated poker player and popular Twitch streamer hailing from Adelaide, SA. Seeking new opportunities, he made the move to Auckland, NZ in 2018, following the ban on online poker in Australia. He has been sharing his MTT gameplay with his audience since November 2015.

Pav began his poker journey playing primarily cash games while living with his parents, but as he honed his skills, he began to explore the world of multi-table tournaments. Now, he is almost exclusively a tournament player, focusing primarily on online MTTs.

In 2018, Pav moved to New Zealand and lived in a shared "stream house" with three other poker grinders and friends.

Pav is known for his belief in the importance of self-improvement and study in the game of poker. He also stresses the importance of strict bankroll management, suggesting a minimum of 100 buy-ins for tournament players. He also recommends Upswing Poker to both new and established players.

On April 22, 2019, Pav took part in the $450 High Five #23 main event on Americas Cardroom and placed 3rd, earning his biggest score to date of $53,454. Despite being a break-even player between 2010-2015, he achieved success through hard work and determination. He believes that this is something anyone can achieve. He also has tattoos related to poker on his arm, which can be seen on his Twitch channel. He streamed 2,368 hours in 2020, which was nearly 6.5 hours per day every day!

As of November 2022, he is also a new father and is currently focusing on balancing his busy life between streaming, improving at poker, being a great father and partner.