"Life is poker and it's your turn to play Just play every hand, you can’t miss them all."



  • Climbed in 2NL to 200NL cash games in one year
  • Completed the $0 to $10K challenge in 3 months
  • Finished 13th in GGMasters High Roller $8,758

Meet Andrijana Gligoric, also known as "Lija", a professional poker player and streamer from Serbia. Andrijana started playing poker while studying electrical engineering at university.

Friends organized cash games in the city where she attended school and she fell in love with the game. After leaving college, Andrijana moved to Malta to immerse herself in the poker and casino industry.

Andrijana's love for the game led her to start streaming on Twitch, where she quickly built a community of followers and found success as a streamer.

As part of Team Global she is known as "Cash Game Queen" because her time spent crushing the cash game tables. Andrijana is a dedicated player, grinding six to seven days a week to build her bankroll. Lija has used discipline and hard work to turn her passion into a way of life.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, she has continued to play and improve her skills, and is now looking forward to playing more live games. She plans to test her skills at the World Series of Poker and see where her passion for poker takes her in the future.

Lija is also a very sociable person, and her streams are a great place to hang out and learn from a passionate player who is always willing to share her knowledge and experiences. Come check out her stream and get a taste of the famous Serbian hospitality!