Greg Goes All In

"Stay Loose, Play Seven-Deuce"



  • Failed actor turned YouTuber. Sorry, mom.
  • Has a useless degree in Music Theatre.
  • Currently has $890 to his name on Hendon Mob.
  • Once flopped a boat with seven-deuce.
  • Making poker fun for everyone since 2021.

Greg Goes All In may not be the best player, but you don’t become poker’s biggest meme lord by folding seven-deuce. Greg’s unique YouTube videos will leave any degenerate in stitches!

Greg "Goes All In" Liow is a mediocre actor turned poker meme lord from Canada. At the peak of his acting career, Greg worked as a Kids’ TV Show Host during the pandemic, but it was during this time that he accidentally made a couple of dank poker memes on YouTube that went viral in the poker community. As a result, he made the natural transition from being a role model to children, to a full-time poker meme lord.

With his channel, Greg finds comedy in the “max-pain” of poker, and is an outspoken advocate for inclusivity within the community. He has millions of views on his YouTube channel creating poker meme content and traveling around the world playing cash games. He was born in Singapore but moved to Canada and studied Acting, which made a natural transition to his comedic YouTube antics. He was the lead host for the Asian Poker Tour in 2023 and achieved over 50k Subscribers on YouTube.

Greg's journey began as an actor, hailing from a theater school in 2019. He had several Netflix gigs as well as some commercials here and there. And like many others, he took up poker as a new hobby at the height of the pandemic. After watching plenty of videos and reading his fair share of poker books, Greg began a casual poker parody YouTube channel.

Most of Greg’s Youtube hits feature hilarious characters, like that “pro” at the 1/2 table who gives everyone bad, unsolicited advice and poker dealers with their internal monologues about players. They all poke fun at common tropes you’d see and experience during poker games. Others, like his Vegas and gameplay vlogs, take us through the various shenanigans of a poker player’s life. So, if you’re into lighthearted, comedy content, you’ll likely find Greg’s channel a must-follow.